Vienna Automobile Society an arcade racing game of strategy and reflexes

Vienna Automobile Society recreates the high speed strategy and drama of car racing with simple controls and straightforward rules. Players guide the driving line of their car, navigating each corner to pass and block their opponents. Quick reflexes on gear shifting reward acceleration and braking correctly - locking your brakes or spinning out sets you back, and crashing outright sees you from the race entirely.

Race around stylish, Mediterranean locales of the mid-20th century with an original surf rock soundtrack. Featuring four-player local and online play, twelve tracks, single player practice, multi-race seasons, weather effects, and more.

Developer: Royal Polygon
Team: Nic Tringali - Design and Production
Sasa P - Original Music
Website and Blog:
Twitter: @royalpolygon
Platforms: Windows, MacOS
Stores: Steam (required for online),, Humble Store
Release Date: September 15, 2017
Price: $15 - £11 - €15
Players: 1 to 4 - Local and Online
Controls: 3 Buttons + 1 Analog Stick, Keyboard supported

Press for Vienna Automobile Society:

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